A flood of music!

The Flood Festival, also known as “Kataklismos,” is a watery festival with a long history that represents both the “Old Testament” story of Noah’s Ark and the Greek myth of “Deukalion”. All the coastal cities of Cyprus host a variety of events and concerts.

At the Golden Coast, this year’s program features the following:

·       Saturday, 19 June 2021: DJ Andreas Zambas and DJ Nikolas Kaminiotis from Politeia FM at 17:00-20:00

·       Sunday 20 June 2021:  DJ Stelios Panagopoulos at 15:00-19:00

·       Monday 21 June 2021: DJ Nicolas Taliadoros at 15:00-19:00

All three events will take place at your ultimate summer spot, ‘‘To Antamoma Events Venue and Chill Out Bar”.

For reservations, please call at +357 99065852.